Cyber-attack threat drives need for crisis and reputation plan

Businesses need to put a cyber-attack plan into action

A Financial Times article examines the business impact a cyber-attack has on a business and identifies the importance of having a response plan in place.

It highlights the importance of having crisis management and PR support in place as much as a planned IT and technical issues response.

As the article states: “Cyber security is clearly a board-level concern, but the expertise needed to manage it may not always be present around the table.”

The threat of an attack means that a business needs to look at the skills it has available and not be afraid to seek external advice where it may be needed.

In a six point action plan, the article cites crisis and reputation management as an integral part of a practised response to an attack. These may be skills and counsel which need to be externally sought.

The cyber-attack is now a very real threat for every business, no matter what size. Accountants PWC’s annual ‘global state of information security’ report found that, in 2015, 55% of businesses had been attacked in the last two years which reinforces the importance of having a plan in place should an attack strike.

As the Talk Talk breach showed in 2015, a company can soon be leading the news agenda and, with this growing threat, so comes the need to minimise the impact on a hard-won reputation which takes years to build and seconds to destroy.

Working with an experienced crisis and reputation management team and having a plan in place will reduce the impact on the business should the worst happen and allow the focus to be on business continuity and returning to business as usual as soon as possible.